Our Services

Scope of Business


  • Providing International Top-tier Experts and Consulting Services
    • Provide high-level technical consulting in areas including IT and Electronics, Biotech and Medicine, New Energy and Environmental Protection, Advanced Manufacturing, Automobile Technologies, Technical Services, and Modern Urban Agriculture.
    • Provide consulting services in global and strategic planning for industries
    • Provide consulting services in high-level human resources development and long-term planning

  • Promoting International Cooperation
    • Provide consulting services and facilitate bi-directional flow of public information between Chinese and overseas companies
    • Introduce new products and new technologies
    • Promote bidirectional commercial and technology exchanges and collaborations between Chinese and Overseas companies

  • Helping Chinese companies face global competition
    • Provide global market survey and planning for projects and investments
    • Assist in global market development
    • Assist Chinese companies in initial public offering in overseas makets

  • Providing Services in Software and Business Outsourcing

  • CITS signed a Collaboration Agreement with the Torch High-Technology Center (THTC) of the Ministry of Science and Technology to provide the following services:
    • Based on the Gemini Project of THTC, lead Chinese companies into the global market
    • Help THTC in evaluating companies on the list of China Offshore Software Engineering Project (COSEP)
    • Conduct globalization training for companies to promote technology and quality control levels, in order to establish good business practices and credibility
    • Help Chinese software industries establish good brand name and image overseas
    • Assist Chinese software companies in IPO in China or overseas markets

  • Training of Hig-Level Talent for Globalization

  • Based on the need of the client, CITS provides training in China or overseas. Training overseas includes visits to counterpart government agencies or industries, and on-the-job/job-shadowing training in appropriate organizations.
    • Conduct training in professional knowledge and skills
    • Conduct training in various project management skills
    The teams arranged by CITS for training in the US includes the Deans of the Chinese Ministry of Education-recognized Software Institutes, and Directors of the Chinese National High-tech Industry Parks and Software Development Parks.




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