Our Team

CITS consists of a team with strong technical and management background, which results from many years’ leadership experience in enterprise and academia. We also have a network of more than ten thousand experts and a few thousand enterprises. With these vast resources, we are able to provide expert consulting services, education and training services, and business services.

Team Members

Dr. Gerry Liu   Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board
Dr. Ray Chen   Co-Founder and CEO
Dr. David Fong   Co-Founder and Senior Vice President
Mr. Edward Yang   Co-Founder and Advisor
Dr. Yi Li   Co-Founder and Advisor
Dr. Yen-Ping Shan   Vice President and CEO of iSource Technologies
Dr. Wen Wang   Lead Expert, Water Resources
Dr. SS Lin   Lead Expert, Municipal Waste and Sludge Management
Dr. William Lin   Lead Expert, Automobile Technologies
Dr. Limin Hu   Lead Expert, Information Technologies
Dr. Larry Wang   Lead Expert, Emerging Technologies
Dr. Kelley Liu   Lead Expert, Biotechnology
Dr. William Kao   Lead Expert, Clean Technologies
Dr. Phillip Chang   Lead Expert, Internet of Things



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